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"Generational Wealth starts with Generational Health.'

- Monique Wiltz



Born and raised in New Orleans, I am an educator, mom of two and a wife to an amazing man who inspires me to be my best everyday.  Moving to Houston with a small family after Hurricane Katrina was not easy. My love for health and fitness started over 10 years ago with the support of my friends, community, and my doctor. I have helped so many women lose weight, feel great, and develop a healthier lifestyle, but my passion lies in educating others so that we make generational changes.  Whether you are mom, wife, daughter, cousin, aunt, you have an influence in your family and your circle. I want to empower you to make a change for them. 

Always in health,

Monique Wiltz

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My  mission stems from a passion, vision and commitment to helping people create healthier lifestyles. Working in the fitness industry for over 10 years now I know that our food is the secret to a true lifestyle change. While we cannot avoid every health trial that comes our way, let me help you understand the ones we can combat just by the food choices we make everyday. My wellness workshops provide education on our  physical, mental, and spiritual well being and how we can use food as fuel and as a preventative method instead of a reactive one. 

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